Tuesday, March 14, 2017

At The Mercy Of The Weather

As I write this, Broome County is under a state-wide state of emergency. Our County Executive has closed all roads to all travel. The snow is coming in bands of varying intensity. Where I am, we have about eighteen inches of snow right now. Just a mile and a half away, they have twenty-three inches. In the Glen Aubrey area where I lived as a teenager, they have just six inches.

By the time all this is over, where I am will have anywhere from two to three feet of snow.  This is the worst snow storm the area has seen since 1993; I remember using a yard stick to measure the snow in my front yard. It was twenty-two inches deep.

I am well prepared for all this as I went to the nearest supermarket last night and bought a week's worth of just about everything I could need or want.  The cashier apologized for the long wait in line and I told her it was fine, as they had every register open. They were doing the best they could.

And, using my store discount card, I got $60 worth of groceries for $45, so that was good.

If you are anywhere where this winter storm is hitting hard, please, just stay indoors where you're safe.

And, as always, thank you for reading.

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