Tuesday, April 4, 2017

A Long Trip Ended Yesterday

I am happy to be able to inform you that I made it to Las Vegas safely.  I arrived at 4:40 local time yesterday afternoon.

I spent just a little less than fifty-six hours on the road. My two transfer points were Buffalo, New York and Columbus, Ohio. It was nice to be on the same bus most of the way. All of the drivers I had drove safely. Some of them were friendly and some were not.

I had a reasonable number of rest stops during which I could at least stretch my legs and get a little fresh air. Extended stops to eat came about every three to four hours, which I was grateful for.

Most of my fellow passengers looked to be good people. I sat next to three people at different times. Two were nice, and we had a few light conversations. The bus station that was the nicest was the one in Kansas City. The worst was the one in Indianapolis. That building looks like it hasn't been renovated in a very long time and when the Amtrak trains pull in, the whole building shakes. I did appreciate that food service was available even at the late hour of about three in the morning.

Travel by intercity bus is not the best way to travel. It is, however, the least expensive and relatively safe.

As always, dear reader, thank you for reading what I've written.

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