Sunday, September 25, 2016

Living A "Retro" Lifestyle

Just a little less than a year ago, I moved into a motel that opened in the late 1950s. I've actually lived here before for short term stays. So, I knew I was moving into a building that's clean, safe and well maintained.

What I didn't know was that the room I wound up taking has a very nice bar that someone put in at some time in the past. The whole room had a very 1970s vibe to it that I picked up on right away.  I've always tried to live a retro lifestyle and this proved the perfect opportunity to go deeper into doing so.

I've redecorated the room to look much as it might have forty years ago. Vintage magazines, vintage style posters, a vintage styled stereo unit and much more really add to the whole feel of the place. I also have a 1970s era  Peanuts lunch box, which always draws compliments and pleasant comments from people when they see me carrying it with me.

However, living a retro lifestyle involves a lot more than that. I get my hair cut by a barber in a barber shop that looks almost the same as it did decades ago with the original chairs and mirrors. I listen to vinyl. I use Prell shampoo and Coast bath soap. Much of my clothing is either vintage or vintage styled.

Do I make concessions to modern life? Of course I do. I own a cell phone and a laptop and a flat screen television. I own a PlayStation, but all I play on it are emulations of pinball and video games from the 1950s through 1980s.

So, rating it as honestly as I can, I'd say that about 90% of what I do and how I live is a throwback to the way things were done thirty or forty years ago. My friends and family love it, because hanging out with me is fun. I wouldn't want to live any other way.

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