Monday, October 24, 2016

Today's Listening Experience

I try to listen to music as much as I can. I usually listen to singles, as you know if you've read an earlier post in which I talked about that.

However, I do like a good album now and then. Today I listened to one of my favorites, which is "Tony Bennett's Greatest Hits Volume III". I have this on vintage vinyl in mono and it sounds very nice. I don't have access to the Billboard charts so I can't say for sure which of the twelve songs were big hits and which were not, but I do know my three favorites all did well in terms of sales and airplay.

Those songs are "(I Left My Heart) In San Francisco", "The Good Life" and "The Best Is Yet To Come".

I have needle dropped these to have them on my MP3 player, using a very nice piece of software named Vinyl Studio. The program is very reasonably priced at $29.99 and can be run in demo mode with some limits that are quite reasonable.

The first two songs are ones I tend to listen to late at night when I want to relax. They're very nice recordings on which Mister Bennett really hits the mark, as it were. The third song is one of my go-to songs as a first song to listen to when getting up in the morning. It bounces along nicely and really swings.

Wishing everyone a good week.

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