Tuesday, November 22, 2016

I Had To Move Yesterday

Well, some days just get crazy, don't they?

We got several inches of snow over the course of a few days and yesterday afternoon, my ceiling began to leak. Not just a little leak, and not just one leak.

It was bad enough that I had to pack up and move down one floor to a vacant unit.  It was hard to do, as the wind was blowing and snow was falling. But with the help of another resident, it got done.

Now, the thing to keep in mind is that about a month ago, a heavy rainfall also had water falling from the ceiling. I dealt with the situation and received assurances that the roof would be repaired the next week.

Those repairs were never made. So, here I sit in an unfamiliar place, upset that I was lied to.

And last night, the heat stopped working, which I didn't realize until I woke up this morning. Right now, I have no heat. The building manager and the maintenance man are working on it.

I'm someone who can deal with a lot. I mean, a whole lot. But yesterday was a day that tested my ability to remain calm. Today isn't much better, either.

This is a nice room. It's just not the one I'm used to, the one I've gotten to be very comfortable in over the last thirteen months. It's not home, and I just have the strongest feeling it never will be. I can deal with it on a short term basis. Anything past a month is not likely to work.

Maybe this is the thing I needed to have happen to get me to a point where I decide to leave the area again.

I've been back six and a half years and for me, that's a long time. I'm going to talk this all over with a close friend later today. One whose advice I trust.

I will keep you informed and update as called for.

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