Thursday, November 3, 2016

More Thoughts On Living A "Retro" Lifestyle

One of the very first posts I wrote here discussed how I have gone deeper into a 1970s lifestyle over time. Today, I had some more thoughts about that, thoughts I want to share now.

Living such a lifestyle isn't just about listening to good music from that time or owning vintage possessions, although both of those do play a part in it. Another part is having a certain attitude and style. The term "cool" comes into play here.

Cool is knowing you're really good at something and not bragging about it. Cool is figuring out what clothes look good on you and wearing them. Cool is being willing to let someone else have the spotlight even when you deserve it and want it.

Being "cool", I feel, can and does translate across the decades. My style of cool is different than that of my good friend D.S. (his initials). His "cool" is most decidedly of this period in time. But it works for him and works well. We respect the differences and go from there.

I have more to say about all this, and will post when the time feels right.

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