Friday, January 20, 2017

More Thoughts On The "Retro" Life Style

If you've been reading this blog since I first started it, you already know that I am a person who lives what I call a "retro" life style. By my best estimate, 90% of how I live my life every day is done the way people lived in the 1970s. The decor of my motel room and the products I use play a large part in that.

But, there's so much more involved. Living such a life style requires a commitment to have certain attitudes and behaviors, ones I do my best to adhere to every single day.

To live this way, you must be kind and courteous to others, even those who have wronged you. There are exceptions to this rule, of course. Someone who is mistreating you because of your race, gender, religion, sexual orientation or for any other thing that is perceived as "different" should be dealt with as the situation calls for. In other words, sometimes walking away is a good idea, and other times it is not. Injustice and inequality must be confronted head on, but the manner in which it is confronted varies from situation to situation.

Another thing you really should do is disconnect from the online world on a regular basis. Smart phones, tablets, and other such types of devices allow one to be connected at all times, if one chooses to be. For myself, personally, some of my best days are days when I limit my online time to just an hour or two. That's enough time to check the sites I read every day, and to read a few posts on a forum I subscribe to.

I should note that time spent listening to internet radio or watching streaming video, as far as I'm concerned, is pretty much the same as listening to over the air radio or watching television on an actual television set. I'm someone who grew up at a time when missing a new episode of a favorite show meant you had to wait until the summer and hope that it would be aired again as a repeat. Or, failing that, you would hope that one of your local stations would pick up the show once it went into syndication.

What I'm trying to say is this; that being able to rent a movie online for sometimes as little as 99 cents, or buy an episode of a show for $1.99. is a wonderful thing. It's something that I've come to love being able to do.

Is any of this making any sense? I certainly hope so.

Wishing you a good weekend,

Kevin Johnston

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