Saturday, January 14, 2017

We Interrupt Your Normallly Scheduled Programming

This post is being made in place of the one I had originally planned to put up today. That post is a perfectly nice one, but it's not as nearly important as this one. If the idea of reading a politically themed post here turns you off, that's fine. Come back in a day or two when I'll be talking about something more pleasant.

I am, nonetheless, asking you to read this all the way through.

Donald Trump will soon be our duly elected President. We need to resist his radical agenda from Day One. Anyone who truly believes that his presidency will be a normal one is a fool for thinking so. He is trying to ram through nominees who have not fully passed background checks. He insists on playing best friends with the Russians, and I believe that the Russians do have something on him that they are holding against him to gain his cooperation.

But let me set all that aside for a moment.  Do you want to know what kind of a man the 45th President is?

Do an internet search on Titan Atlas Global. What you will find is that this failed company owns a seven acre site in North Carolina that poses very real environmental hazards. The state has ordered a full clean up of the site. The company was about to default on a loan of $3.5 million when Donald Trump bought it, paid the loan and ceased operations. Mister Trump is refusing to pay for the clean up on the basis that he has no connection with the prior owner.

If he doesn't pay, the people of North Carolina, through the appropriate state agency, will pay.

The prior owner is Donald Trump, Jr. and, therefore, the claim of no connection is an out and out lie.

I have been saying, to anyone who will listen, for a very long time, that Donald Trump is a dishonest man.

Consider the Titan Atlas Global situation as one more piece of hard evidence that backs up my claim.

Or not. If you voted for him, and support him. you've made a conscious decision to just not care. There's not much I or anyone else can say at this time to change your mind until you decide to start caring.

* In all honesty, I must give credit to Rachel Maddow and her staff for covering this on her show *

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